Why play 3D poker

Why play 3D poker?

I’ve been playing online poker for the best part of the last 6 years, and have played at all of the major online poker sites.
While online poker has become increasingly popular, what hasn’t changed is the software behind the poker tables. Yes, most firms have undertaken some alterations in an attempt to improve the visual look and feel of their poker product, but by and large the software has remained fairly static, with an emphasis on the speed of play rather than providing advanced graphics.

Technology is changing at a dramatic pace, and the huge popularity of online poker has caught the attention of some of the leading software developers in the world. Online poker is suddenly big business, and where there is money to be made, there will be attempts to improve the product being offered to online poker players.

A new breed of online poker sites has taken online poker to a completely new level. As you can see from the PKR poker image below, the graphics are truly excellent. Gone are the days of poker solitaire….

My favorite 3D poker site is PKR poker. You would normally find the software developers and artists from PKR poker at the leading video gaming manufacturers, developing the latest games for the Playstation 3 and XBox 360. These guys and girls know their stuff, and the product they have developed is truly revolutionary.

PKR poker provides real time 3D graphics and realistic character animations which blow away other online poker sites. This brings online poker more into line with the visual experience you would normally associate with leading video games.

However, as any experienced poker player will say… poker is a game as much about people than cards. The problem with traditional online poker sites is that they create an anonymous and impersonal environment which effectively take people’s behavior out of the game.

3D poker sites, and in particular PKR poker put the soul back into online poker by allowing players to express themselves online and to interact like they would in a real life game of poker. At 3D poker sites like PKR poker, players can read and give off tells, can use body language to express themselves, and can show off by doing chip tricks. 3D poker sites like PKR poker are not only taking online poker to the next level, they are breathing life into the game and making online poker more like the real game.

Video gamers will be familiar with cutting edge customization features. 3D poker offers the chance to customize a players appearance. In fact, at PKR poker, you can fully customize just about everything about the player. At PKR poker you can alter a player’s facial features as well as their clothing. It is also possible to trade loyalty points for additional chip tricks and clothing. There will also be opportunities to win bracelets at certain online tournaments. Now that really does rock!

The speed of games at 3D poker sites like PKR poker has not been sacrificed in any way. The games are as fast as those at traditional 2D online poker sites.

In summary, 3D poker represents the next step in the evolution of online poker, and leading 3D poker sites like PKR poker are at the forefront of this change. It’s only a matter of time before the good old days of 2D poker come to an end. If you love playing poker, I’d suggest you sign up to one of the 3D poker sites reviewed at

I’ll see you at the tables. In the meantime feel free to send me any comments, experiences, or even tips and insider tricks you pick up at any of the 3D poker sites listed within these pages.

Good luck and happy hunting. I’ll hopefully see you at the final table playing head for head for a seat at the next WSOP. Bring it on……

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