Who Are PKR?

I first heard of PKR poker around 18 months ago when a member of staff at the firm I worked for went off to join a new unknown startup in the online poker market. Back then the firm didn’t even have a name, but they were rumored to be radically different to the current group of online poker sites. Rumours within the industry hinted at the launch of a 3D platform that would simply blow us all away.

I kept my ear low to the ground, and watched a small number of 3D poker sites crash and burn, the most high profile being Stackspoker. However, it wasn’t long before I read an interesting article in a poker magazine that referred to the new revolutionary 3D poker site PKR poker.

I signed up on day one and assisted with Beta testing on the soft launch. My first impression was one of awe. Yes, there were teething problems, but you would expect that with the development of a new software platform. Since the live launch last year, PKR have continued to improve and develop their product. It’s currently the world’s second fastest growing poker room.

It’s been interesting watching the growth and success of PKR. Nearly every experienced industry veteran I knew said 3D poker wouldn’t work and that it was a fad and simply wouldn’t last. The last 18 months have proved them to be wrong.

Where others have failed, PKR have grown from strength to strength. What’s impressive is that they have done this without accepting any US players. If the anti-gambling laws in the States are repealed, expect PKR to become one of the worlds biggest online poker firms.

The key reasons for their success are:

1) Differentiation

Those business school graduates amongst you will be well aware of Porter’s Theory of Competitive Advantage. PKR have followed Porter’s business strategy of product differentiation. By offering a product that is radically different to the traditional 2D poker sites, PKR clearly stand out from the large number of online poker firms out there. Put simply, PKR are different both in the technology and in the online poker experience they offer.

2) Development of their own player base

Build it and they will come! You may be surprised to realise that most poker sites are actually a member of a much larger pooled player base, most often than not provided by a third part software provider. Third party firms include, Microgaming and Tribecca, and between them provide the player base for a vast number of online poker rooms.

Having a large enough player base is critical for the liquidity of any online poker site. Potential customers are put off by sites that have few players. It sends out the wrong image and makes it
difficult to get a game at an appropriate stake level table.

PKR decided early on to develop their own player base. By doing this they avoid being tied into a third party poker network, bypassing the middleman and saving costs in the long run. This policy also enables greater flexibility in software development as there is no need to seek technical approval. Integration of operational systems into a third parties poker platform is a continual problem for nearly all online poker firms. PKR have avoided these problems and have successfully built a large pool of players. At peak times there are currently 6000 players online.

3) Software, graphics and game play

The PKR software is slick and offers an environment that really does differ from the traditional 2D poker site. It’s revolutionary in its scope and has set a benchmark to which other sites can only dream of attaining. I won’t bore you here with the individual details of what PKR poker offers. For more check out our PKR poker review and the top five features that make PKR unique in the online poker industry.

Ultimately great people make great companies. Let’s see who is behind PKR poker.

President and Founder – Jez San OBE

Jez received the first OBE for services to the computer games industry and is a leading entrepreneur in the technology sector.

CEO – Malcolm Graham

Malcolm joined the PKR team in early 2006, and was responsible for the initial launch. He has industry experience gained at the Ritz Club London Online. He holds an MBE from INSEAD. Say no more..

COO – Leon Walters

Leon is the co-founder of PKR and was heavily involved in the development of the 3D platform. An industry veteran, Leon maintains responsibility for the day to day running of the company.

Chief Technical Officer – Jeremy Longley

Jeremy has over 10 years experience in the video games industry and is responsible for overseeing the technical development of PKR’s 3D platform. He holds a first class degree from Cambridge University.

Marketing Director – Simon Prodger

A seasoned industry veteran, Simon is responsible for all aspects of marketing and media relations.

Chief Financial Officer – Jean-Pierre Houareau

A qualified accountant, Jean-Pierre brings with him a number of years experience within the online gaming industry, having previously held posts at Wagerworks Inc.

Affiliates Manager – Margaret Burke

Responsible for player acquisitions via online affiliates, Margaret is well respected within the marketing affiliate industry and brings a wealth of experience to the team at PKR.

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