True Poker Review

True Poker Review

You can’t fault the team over at True Poker for their vision in setting up one of the first 3D poker sites back in 2001. However, they don’t appear to have moved on that much in that time and although the 3D graphics look good, the site doesn’t offer that much more than a traditional 2D poker site. Put simply, there are better 3D poker sites out there….


As you can see from the True Poker screen shot, the 3D graphics of the players is done well. Its possible to pick from a range of different ‘faces’ which enable a level of customisation that adds some character to the game.

My major complaint with the graphics is that everything appears to be a little elongated and rather cramped. I suppose you have to expect that when they are trying to fit 10 players and a dealer round a table within a relatively small window.

In terms of the download of the True Poker software you have 2 options, either a 23mb enhanced graphics version, or a 10mb lower graphics version. The screen shots on this page are the enhanced version of the software.

Speed of game

Playing at a 10 player game (like I did when I was evaluating True Poker) is always going to be a little slow. The game can only be as fast as the slowest player and although True Poker is not as fast as some of the original 2D sites, its not that much slower either. No major complaints.


Players cards are dealt face down and the ability to pick up and return your hand from the table is the most noticeable feature which one could use as a possible ‘tell’ within the game. The chat facility is also interesting as you can see who is chatting without the need to look at the chat window dialogue box.

The lobby chat facility is rather disappointing.

True Poker offer a range of cash game tables and have enough free monet tables to enable newcomers to easily get a game.

Loyalty Programme

True Poker offer a 30% match bonus up to $100. What I originally found alarming was the relative small number of players on the actual site. On the positive side you are always going to get a game without having to wait too long. The smaller number of players also tends to create more of a community feel than other online poker sites.

True Poker put on a variety of weekly and monthly promotions as well as various tournaments. Their ‘King of Tournaments’ promotion offers $7,000 in prizes to players that win 11 tournaments within 24 hours. I’m not sure how achievable that is but as the volumes of players is smaller than at other sites you may just be in with a chance!

Our Recommendation

You have to take your hat off to the developers at True Poker that put 3D poker online back in 2001. However I feel True Poker doesn’t offer that much extra to the traditional 2D poker sites. If enhanced graphics, and a smaller rather friendly online community are important to you then it may just be worth checking out. My opinion…give it a miss, but if you want to check it out True Poker is available for download from their web site.

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