Top Features of PKR Poker

PKR Poker – top 5 features?

Dan, one of the regular contributors to 3D Poker Reviews offers his top 5 PKR poker features.

1. The Stand Up

I love this feature which has recently been added to the software. We have all seen it on the telly, where one of the pro’s goes all in and then stands up from the table after going all in. Well, PKR have now offered this feature at their tables. When you go all in you are presented with the option of standing up. How cool is that!

PKR_Standup2. The Looser

For those of you that haven’t hit the PKR tables, PKR offer the ability to show some personality. My favourite is using the ‘looser’ option. I’ve sent many a player on tilt after slow playing a pocket pair and following it up by a well timed ‘looser’.

pkr-looser3. Player attitude

Players have options as to how their attitude is. The laid back option above speaks for itself!

4.  3D Dynamic View

This is a great feature of PKR poker and offers a dynamic view of the poker table as the cards are dealt. It’s a great 3D feature a little similar to the graphics you would get in a 3D 1st person computer game.

5. FaceGen

When I first heard rumours about Facegen I didn’t really believe it. Yet PKR poker have managed to offer a service that really does tailor your online image. Simply send them in a photo and they will use third party software to create your online character so that it resembles you. That’s pretty cool in our eyes!

More on Facegen can be found in this PKR poker Facegen article.

So, that’s our favourite top 5 features at PKR poker to date. However, rumour has it the next software update will have some even cooler features. Yeah, bring it on PKR!

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