The 3D Poker Review

The 3D Poker Review

The 3D poker site was launched in May 2006 and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised. Designed by the Swedish software manufacturer ‘3D Internet Games’, the action is swift and the graphics pretty good. While not having the superb 3D graphics or functionality of our top ranking site PKR, it is faster and it does offer the ability to play Blackjack as well as poker.

Speed of game

The games here are fairly fast. In fact they are definitely the fastest out of all the 3D poker sites out there at the moment. If you are after good 3D graphics with fast game play then this may well be the site for you. You won’t get the functionality that you get at PKR but you will get slick graphics and fast hands.



You have the ability to change the camera angle which is a useful feature that appears to becoming standard in all 3D online poker rooms these days.

The dynamic camera angle is done well and offers a series of close ups as the action moves around the table.

By far and away the biggest feature of the site is the ability to play 3D blackjack. I’m a big blackjack fan and the team at are following Party Poker in rolling out Blackjack on the same platform as their standard poker software.

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