Poker Spy Software – Review and is it legal?

The Poker Bot underworld

robotSometime towards the end of last year, I heard that the major online poker firms were struggling in their fight against so called ‘poker bots’. Yes, that’s right, software designed to play poker for you. Rumour has it, you can leave it on while you head into work, and by the time you get back you’ve made a couple of hundred bucks.

The online poker firms had a good look at the issue and to their credit responded fairly promptly. Most leading online poker firms (certainly the ones recommended here at have systems in place which now scan players PC’s to ensure that they are not using poker bot software. I’d initially thought that the online poker firms were infringing players rights by scanning their PC’s, but I’ve been informed by various techies that its not so much ‘scanning the PC’ as checking to see if actual ‘processes’ associated with poker bots are running on a players computer.

While I struggle to understand what most techies actually say (I’m surely not the only one?) what I do know is that the use of poker bot software is against the rules of most online poker sites. I suppose the equivalent would be to look at someone’s cards while they were away at the table. It’s nice to know that if a player gets caught using poker bot software, there is a good chance they will have their funds frozen and their account closed.

OK, so Poker Bots are illegal and I’m in real trouble if I get caught using them. However, is there any legitimate software I can use to assist me with my game?

Good question ,yes there is legitimate software out there which ‘assists’ you with your game. There are a number of software suppliers who have developed programs which record the history of each hand that you play in. Not only does it record your cards, but it also records the cards and betting history of the other players at the table.

In short, the software acts as a data collector, and presents and interprets the data which is then presented to you in a nicely covered graphical dashboard. These software packages can be picked up for as little as $40.

Can you recommend a package?

By far the most advanced package on the market, Poker Office is incredibly comprehensive. There is enough information here to fill up the dashboard of a Boeing 747. Don’t let that put you off though. It may take a few hours to get used to the layout, but if you are patient enough to master it then it will be time well spent.

I suppose I should make it clear that I only occasionally use this type of software nowadays. I’ve been playing poker for so long and have read so many strategic poker books that my knowledge is pretty good, and I’m fortunate enough to have the ability to perform quick calculations. There are plenty of things I’m bad at, but for some reason I know what the odds are at hitting two sevens on the flop and the turn in a head to head game. However, I know there are plenty of players out there that use this type of software and when you are playing for big stakes, its nice to know what this software can offer a player.

  • So what can the software actually do?
  • You are provided with a vast amount of information that enables you to see:
  • how often any of your opponents at the table check-raise
  • how much they win per hour
  • how often they bet before the flop
  • the ability to auto read players and classify their playing style
  • offers real time probabilities and pot odds

Are there any draw backs with the software?

Poker Office ($69 is complex and as I’ve mentioned takes time to get to know and understand. Software providers appear to be at the 1st generation stage of development for these tools, and there is so much information to take in at such a short time, that it can sometimes just confuse matters. The graphics are also rather simplistic.

What other software is out there then?

If this is the type of thing that you think may help your game, then I’d suggest you check out Poker-Spy $49-95 ( and Texas Calculatem $49.99 (
Even if you don’t use it, its good to be aware of what others out there may be using.

A final word of warning:

Most of the software has been developed so that it works with the major online poker sites. The 3D poker sites reviewed at are revolutionary new online poker sites. I’d suggest you check with PKR poker to see if the software is legal and I’d also suggest you check with the software suppliers to ensure it actually works with the 3d sites reviewed at More details on the brilliant 3D poker site PKR . com can be found on our PKR . com review pages.

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