Poker Sharks at PKR

What is sharking?

Few would argue that PKR poker has experienced phenomenal growth to become one of the fastest growing poker rooms on the internet. Part of this growth has been in attracting new players to online poker. With brilliant graphics and great game play, as well as well targeted marketing campaigns, PKR poker has attracted a new breed of players to the gaming tables. These players are young, inexperienced and adventurous.

Reasons for success – PKR Poker video footage

However, that’s only part of the story behind the success of PKR poker. Poker is a game of skill, which takes time to learn and the PKR poker tables have proved to be the playground for those learning the game. Recognising that the site has a higher than usual proportion of new players, a legion of more experienced poker players have migrated to PKR poker in an attempt to pick up easy winnings against less experienced opposition.

poker sharks at PKRPicking up winnings against less experienced opposition is known as Sharking and PKR poker has developed a bit of a reputation as a sharking environment in the online poker community.

Is PKR poker really a feeding frenzy for sharks?

PKR poker has definitely attracted a lot of new players to online poker. Players have been attracted to the superb graphics and excellent promotional marketing videos. These players are certainly inexperienced, but the vast majority of them hit the Play money tables before heading into low value real money tournaments, before moving onto larger stake tables.

From this we would have to conclude that PKR poker does indeed have a greater than average number of new players. However, older more experienced poker players take note. PKR poker is a site which attracts the younger MTV console loving generation. These players bring a breath of fresh air to poker and represent how the game has been taken up by a new generation of young, smart and aggressive players.

From our experience, those sharks out there looking for easy winnings at PKR poker ought to be wary that all may not be as they’ve heard. You may just end up finding yourself on the end of a beating from someone half your age. Suddenly one can see how sharks have become an endangered species.

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