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PKRPoker is the leading 3D poker site that has quickly become one of the best online poker rooms available to poker players.

Following 6 months of beta testing, PKRPoker went ‘live’ in August 2006 and within 18 months had signed up its millionth player.

A poker site that experiences such dramatic growth must have something going for it. Surely all those players can’t be wrong?

PKRPoker – what’s hot?

1. PKR Poker tells

I’m an experienced poker player (both offline and online) and the greatest single feature of PRKPoker is the fact that it is possible to gain a number of tells from other players at the table. In this aspect alone, PKR have taken online poker to a new advanced level.

One of the biggest tells at PKR Poker is the fact that the cards are dealt face down. You get one look at the cards and that is it. You can view the cards again, but your opponents will see that you are having a second look at the cards. This is a great PKRPoker tell, and is as good a tell that you get when playing poker offline. Just think, if you are dealt pocket aces at the PKRPoker tables, it’s highly likely that you will remember those cards and will need to take a second look!

2. 3D PKR Poker graphics

The graphics used within the PKRPoker game are simple awesome. Everyone in the industry agrees that PKRPoker have set a new standard in relation to the graphics used within the PKRPoker client.

What’s not so hot about PKRPoker?

PKRPoker has a lot going for it. In fact we rank PKRPoker as the number one 3D poker site out there at the moment and expect PKRPoker in time to rival Party Poker and Poker Stars in terms of player numbers and stake variety. However, if we were forced to pick a few holes in PKRPoker we would focus on the following:

1. Long installation process when downloading the PKR client

The PKRPoker client that is downloaded from the PKRPoker site takes a little while to install (approximately 20 minutes). This download is longer than other online poker sites. However, other sites don’t have the brilliant graphics that PKRPoker has, so as long as you are a little patient while the PKRPoker client downloads and installs itself on your computer, then there shouldn’t be any issues. Once you hit the PKRPoker tables you will realise it was certainly well worth the wait!

2. US based players and PKRPoker

PKRPoker does not currently accept US based players for real money games. This is due to the passing of the UIEGA in October 2006. However PKRPoker does allow US based online poker players to play at the free money tables. Should the situation change in relation to the legal environment relating to online gaming in the US, then I’m sure PKRPoker will be in touch with their US based customers. If you are a US based player, we suggest you go to the PKRPoker download section and give the game a go on the free money tables.

Does PKRPoker have a loyalty programme?

Yes, has a loyalty program in place which rewards players for playing at PKRPoker. Players can earn PKRPoker points which can be exchanged for various PKRPoker items (PKRPoker shirts, PKRPoker hats and so on.)

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