PKR Update 3D Software Platform

PKR Update 3D Software Platform

Well, well, well……

It’s been 9 months since PKR poker launched, and as we al know a lot can happen in 9 months, especially in the internet bubble that online gaming finds itself in.

The team at PKR poker were certainly visionary. Like most successful ideas in business, innovation and diversification are the key to long term success. 3D poker has come a long way in the past year, with a small number of other firms joining the 3D poker revolution that I predicted back in 2005. Some have come and gone, others are on the way up (Pokerwize), and some never even made it past the development stag (Stackspoker).


However, with the increase in competition, the team at PKR poker have not rested on their laurels. Rather than sit back and take the accolades, PKR poker have continued to innovate and develop their 3D poker product. This has involved market research with poker players as well as attracting and retaining some of the best developers within the industry. That’s no mean feat given the fact that the Playstation 3 is now on the scene and good developers are hard to come by. Last time I heard it was 200,000 players and counting .

The product has certainly developed since our original PKR poker review. Here are some features that PKR have added in their attempt to make PKR poker the number one online poker site on the net:

Multi table action


PKR poker have recently launched multi table play. I’m personally not a big fan of this as I really struggle to maintain concentration at a single table and end up making silly errors.

However, multi table play is a favourite feature for advanced poker players, and those experienced players will now find themselves at home with the PKR poker multi table layout. In the image taken directly from the PKR poker tables you will see that you can play up to four PKR poker tables at the same time.
PKR poker

Satellite tournaments

The tournament schedule at PKR poker has expanded continuously since their launch. That’s hardly surprising given the volume of players now hitting the PKR poker tables. Now we all know the story of Chris Moneymaker winning a satellite to the WSOP and eventually winning back in 2003. Well, PKR poker have launched satellite tournaments and we are pleased to say that they are as good as anywhere on the net. If satellite tournaments your thing (and they should be as they are great value) then do give them a go at PKR poker.

24/7 support

PKR pokers customer support is as good as anywhere I’ve seen. With 24/7 support and cooperative and supportive customer support staff we have experienced no difficulties ourselves and have yet to hear of any complaints. Most of the big industry players have 24/7 support but I’ve found loads of them to be slow to respond to fairly simple queries. That’s just not the case at PKR poker. The PKR poker live web chat feature works brilliantly.


It’s all good news at PKR poker since their launch. It’s lived up to what was promised and has continued to develop and evolve. If you play poker and haven’t checked out PKR poker then what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to take up the sign up bonuses mentioned in our reviews (enter code PKR01 when signing up!)

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