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PKR poker has been developed by some of the leading stars of the video gaming industry. The future is here, and PKR are revolutionising online poker with their superb 3D poker software. Read our review on PKR below.

It rocks!”……FHM Magazine

The future of online poker is here……Poker Player Magazine

Like Grand Theft Auto but with chip shuffling…..Bluff Magazine

PKR Poker $30 Bonus

$30 Bonus
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  • Use bonus code: PKR30
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PKR has the best graphics for any online poker site. Their high resolution, real-time 3D graphics make traditional online poker sites look like a game of poker solitaire! Word on the street is that PKR have recruited some of the best programmers and artists in the business, and the 3D engine they have created certainly makes the graphics visually stunning.

Words really can’t describe how awesome the graphics are. The graphics are slick, and as good as those on the leading video gaming platforms, such as the PlayStation 3 or X-Box.

To put it simply, PKR poker is head and shoulders above anything else available on the internet, and the 3D graphics makes PKR look and feel like the real deal. Revolutionary is a word that is too commonly used in today’s world, but I’d have to say that what the PKR team have done is going to revolutionise online poker.
Speed of game

I was initially concerned that the superb 3D graphics that make PKR so fantastic may actually hinder the speed of the game. However, after hitting the tables I was surprised to see that this is not the case. The speed of the hands is excellent, and the 3D graphics in no way slow the game down. In fact the number of hands dealt per hour at PKR is comparable to the more traditional online poker sites.

PKR Poker


This is where I was really surprised at just how PKR have changed online poker for the better. The team at PKR have added a number of features which effectively make online poker more like the real thing.

Players can interact just like a real poker game by altering their body language, which enables them to both give and read physical tells more associated with a real poker game. It’s simply amazing.

Players can also customize their appearance, changing everything from facial features to clothing.

Want to know my favourite feature of PKR? Well it isn’t the 3D graphics or fast game play. It’s the ability to perform chip tricks!

Yes, you can perform chip tricks in between hands to enable you to intimidate opponents at the table. What’s even better is that PKR will provide loyalty points which will enable you to perform even more advanced chip tricks! Not only will this enable you to identify experienced players at the PKR tables, but it will add a real element of psychology to online poker that is currently missing from the traditional poker sites.

The team at PKR will have a large list of single and multi-table tournaments at a large range of stake levels. If you are lucky enough to win one of the big PKR tournaments you may just end up with a Bracelet. Now that really does rock! Imagine sitting at the table showing one of those off!

Loyalty Programme

PRK has a good loyalty programme, which will enable players to collect loyalty points that can be traded in for prizes or exchanged for more advanced character customizations or the ability to perform more advanced chip tricks at the PKR tables. The PKR bonus code is also very generous – the maximum bonus code is currently $500!

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PKR Poker

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PKR is the best poker site on the internet. Superb 3D graphics, fast game play, and excellent features make PKR  the best out there by a long way. PKR is without doubt the leading 3D poker site, and the team at PKR have put together the best online poker platform in the industry. Forget the old 2D poker at traditional poker sites. Sign up to play 3D poker at PKR today! You can download PKR directly to your Mac or PC from within our PKR Poker download section.  I’ll see you at the PKR tables !

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