PKR Poker face generation

Be yourself at the PKR poker tables?

PKR Face GenFaceGen is a piece of software that makes it possible to make your PKR poker player look just like you. Now that really is cool!

This really is high tech stuff. FaceGen works by identifying key features from photos of yourself and then plotting these to create an alter ego character of yourself which you can then use at the PKR poker tables.

In order to get your own face transferred to your player at the PKR poker tables you will need to submit some photos.

The photos that you should submit to PKR poker should be at least a head on and side shot. If possible you should submit 3 photos to PKR poker (1 head and 2 side shots).

PKR poker have advised us that the photos should be saved in a jpeg, bmp, tiff or tga file format.

In order to get the most realistic results, PKR poker advise you to close mouth (yes that means don’t smile!) and to use a flash.

Does it work?

Yes we think so. To be honest you need to submit good quality photos to the PKR poker team. Poor quality images just will not work. We suggest using a decent digial camera (minimum 3 mega pixels) and ensuring the photos are taken in good light without any shadows.

So lets see it for real then…

We have included a sample video of the FaceGen in action taken directly off the PKR poker tables. We think its pretty cool and should answer all your questions. In the meantime we would like to hear from those that have used it!

So for all you pretty boys and girls out there, we suggest you get the cameras out the the photos taken. FaceGen is available to all PKR poker players. You will need to acquire some PKR points to trade in. Then again, that’s not hard as you ar quire points just be playing at the tables. For more information on 3DPoker please read our reviews.

All in all, I think its a pretty cool feature, and well worth trying out. More information on the brilliant PKR . com can be found on our other review pages. Enjoy and good luck!

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