PKR Poker and Club PKR

What is Club PKR?

Everyone that has worked in the online poker industry could talk for hours about customer churn, which is the ability of online poker firms to get new players and then loose them almost straight away to other poker sites.

However, PKR poker have realised the importance of not only attracting players with their generous sign up bonuses but also looking after them. You may have heard of frequent flyer programs offered in the airline industry. Well, Club PKR, a new customer loyalty program created by the team at PKR poker is a scheme that aims to do one thing – to ensure the customer is king.
Club PKR

What do 3D Poker Reviews make of it?

PKR poker aren’t the first online gaming firm to attempt to introduce a customer loyalty program. However, whilst all others before them have failed miserably, PKR poker have delivered a program which in our opinion works remarkably well. It’s nice to see an online gaming firm with skilled marketing staff.

Club PKR is simply the best customer loyalty program we have seen across the entire online gambling industry. It’s simple to understand, offers good rewards and really does give something back to the online poker player. We give it the thumbs up.

How do I join?

The good news is that Club PKR is free to join. In fact you automatically become a member of Club PKR when you open an account.

Like the frequent flyer programs offered in the airline industry, Club PKR offer 5 membership levels:

  • Club Member
  • Silver Club Member
  • Gold Club Member
  • Platinum Club Member
  • VIP Club Member

How to I become a VIP Club Member?

Simple. The more you play, the more PKR poker points you earn. The more points you earn the higher you climb up the membership ladder.

How do I earn PKR poker points?

Every time you hit the real money PKR poker tables you earn PKR poker points. For tournament play you will earn 100 PKR poker points fro every $1 entrance fee. PKR poker points are also awarded when playing cash games.

That’s great, but what can I do with the points I earn?

Move up the membership ladder:

As I’ve already mentioned, the more points you earn the higher up the Club PKR ladder you climb, culminating in PKR VIP membership. VIP membership will involve you getting free gifts, access to private tournaments as well as being invited at PKR’s cost to some of the world’s biggest and best poker tournaments.

Buy real life merchandise:

You can trade in PKR poker points for real life merchandise. Some examples are below!

PKR T shirt – PKR poker points: 58,000

PKR USB Key – PKR poker points: 140,000

PKR FaceGen – PKR poker points: 100,000

PKR polo shirt – PKR poker points: 58,000

Buy in game items:

PKR poker is all about giving it “the large” at the tables. You can enhance your characters appearance by purchasing cool clothes, accessories and chip tricks. It will make you stand out from the crowd, a little like playing against someone with a WSOP bracelet!

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