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PKE Poker:

PKE poker is the 3D poker product that everyone has been talking about in recent months. PKR first hit our screens in 2006 and has never looked back. In fact, statistics show PKE Poker to be one of the internet’s fastest growing online poker rooms.

Staff at 3D Poker Reviews have been playing since it first went into beta testing in early 2006, and have seen PKE poker break into the online poker market in a dramatically short period of time.

The success that PKE poker has experienced is by no means a surprise. In fact, once we first saw the PKE poker client, we knew the team behind PKE were onto a winner.

Why has PKE grown so dramatically?

PKE has broken into a competitive poker market through the sheer brilliance of their 3D poker product. PKE offers brilliant graphics as the core differentiator from its main competitors. The team behind PKE poker have taken a look at the stale and static online poker products offered by competitors and have produced a platform that makes playing online poker at PKE more enjoyable, and more importantly – like the real thing.

Was PKE poker the first to produce a 3D poker product?

No, PKE poker was not the first company to produce a 3D poker product. However, PKE are the first company to successfully produce a 3D poker product that offers brilliant game play and graphics whilst still ensuring that the number of hands per hour remains high. In other words, PKE poker ensures that the online poker experience isn’t compromised or slowed down by the amazing graphics and game play that the PKE poker product provides.

I’ve seen PKE on TV. What’s going on there?

PKE poker has invested heavily in their marketing activities. This includes taking out banner advertisements on major search engines and websites such as MSN and Hotmail.

You can also watch PKE poker on TV via the cable channels. Tune into Hollywood TV to catch the latest PKE poker action with video feeds of real tournaments!

How can I download PKE poker?

You can find the PKE poker download below. When you download PKE you will be prompted to install the PKE poker client onto your computer. The installation of PKE poker should take around 20 minutes. It’s a fairly painless process to download PKE and once it’s installed and you have completed the PKE poker download, you will be able to hit the PKE poker tables.
PKE Poker – Setting the standard for 3D poker

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