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PKR poker is the 3D poker site that offers stunning graphics and real poker tells in an online environment. We attempt to answer the most common questions we receive about PK5 below:

Why is everyone talking about PK5?

PK5 poker is a relatively new site that has amazing 3D graphics which make all other poker rooms look rather ordinary. PK5 poker are the first to successfully launch a 3D product and this has created a lot of interest from within the online poker community.

Does PK5 poker accept US players?

At the time of writing PK5 poker does allow US players to download PK5 poker. However, US players are only allowed to play at the free money tables. US players are currently not allowed to make deposits or withdrawals from PK5 poker. As a consequence, US based players are not able to play in real money tournaments of cash games at PK5 poker.

The PK5 poker client is available in a number of foreign languages, and PK5 poker has build a player base from around the globe.

How can I download PK5 poker?

The PK5 poker download is available from the site. The PK5 download is a free download. To download PK5 simply head to the PK5 poker site and select ‘Download Pk5Poker’.

Is PK5 poker available on Mac as well as Windows computers?

The Pk5 poker client is available for all types of operating systems. Please refer to the poker site for more information.

Is it possible to customise players at PK5 poker?

Player customisation is one of the unique selling points for PK5 poker. Whilst some online poker sites enable you to customise your avatar, PK5 poker takes customisation to a whole new level. It is possible to not only to customise how you look, but also to customise the clothes that you wear. In fact, it is even possible to get customised tattoos. How cool is that!

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