3D Ladbrokes Poker

Ladbrokes enter 3D poker arena. Is it a step too far for the gambling giant?

So, what’s going down with 3D Ladbrokes Poker?

We were quietly surprised to hear of a recent announcement that Ladbrokes had signed a license agreement with the 3D software provider Pokerwize. Ladbrokes are one of the worlds largest gaming companies and the fact that they have decided to enter the 3D arena indicates just what a major impact 3D poker has made on the online gaming industry in 2007.

Who have 3D Ladbrokes Poker gone into a deal with?

3D Ladbrokes poker have signed up with an AIM listed company called ‘Playwize PLC’. Playwize produce a product call Pokerwize, which is a 3D poker client that is integrated into the Microgaming poker network.

How successful has the Pokerwize 3D platform been to date?

According to their financial statements, not particularly well. Playwize PLC’s recent accounts showed annual revenue at only £71,000. That’s peanuts by the scale of things and indicates that the Pokerwize product hasn’t really taken off as expected.

Why has Pokerwize not experienced the success of PKR poker?

PKR poker are simply streets ahead of anyone at the moment with their superb 3D poker product. The owners of Pokerwize have come out and stated that they have failed to properly market the game and have also been impacted by the anti-US gaming legislation passed by the Senate back in October 2006.

And what specifics are in the deal?

The deal is for 2 years and Ladbrokes have agreed to make a contribution towards development costs in the form of a development fee. This at least means they have recognized that the 3D poker platform needs some improvement in order for it to compete with the likes of PKR poker.

And finally, what do 3D Poker Reviews make of it?

We believe it marks a significant milestone in the evolution of 3D poker. 3D Ladbrokes poker are a gaming giant, and the fact that they are moving towards a 3D platform indicates where they believe the future of online poker lies and in doing so have definitely got a bit of a jump start over the competition.

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